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TTB for Rural inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education Project 2
From 01 Novembre 2017 to 31 Dicembre 2018
Europa / Event

At the end of the European project “RIOTE Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education”,...


  • Tascabile and all the partners already involved have been chosen again for the prosecution of the  same project called "RIOTE 2”.
    Partners: Control Film Studio Association (Ungheria), Teatro tascabile di Bergamo (Italia), Kud Ljud (Slovenia), Soltis Lajos Theatre (Ungheria), Shoshin Theatre Association (Romania), Dartington (UK) with the adding of  “Take Art Limited” (UK).
    The new project, from November 2017 to August 2019, will use the experiences and outcomes of the previous project to develop them and to produce three intellectual outputs 1. a Practical guide for outdoor theatre; 2. a Rural touring handbook; 3. a Film about outdoor theatre in rural environment. They will be presented in each partner country within the frame of a multiplier event as a complete training program.

    Download: RIOTE 2_project

Visit: RIOTE Facebook

TTB per Fuochi e Parole 2018
13 Maggio 2018
Calcinate / Performance


From 03 Luglio 2018 to 12 Luglio 2018
Sede TTB / Laboratory

An international workshop for the art of the coming actor
By TTB...


  • Teatro tascabile di Bergamo
    3-12 July 2018

    «The "method" is the very opposite of any sort of prescription.» Jerzy Grotowski

    Dedicated to young people interested in the art of the actor, our courses are based on those techniques and working methods refined by TTB during its artistic career.
    Attendees will be leaded to the knowledge of the actor’s work through a series of exercises and experiences (techniques by workshop-theatre and street theatre, poetics and techniques by Eastern classical theater, vocal techniques). The classes will include both shot or live evidences and performing fragments by TTB’s repertoire.

    A possible outcome of the school could be the admission of some students to the TTB’s training program.

    -No specific requirement is requested
    -Limited number of attendees. Max of 15 students.
    -Duration 10 days, 8 hours/day
    - When: 3-12 July 2018
    - Price: 450€ (10% discount for under 25)

From 28 Luglio 2018 to 29 Luglio 2018
Sede TTB / Laboratory

Laboratory with Leris Colombaioni
Within the circus, the...


  • art of clowning has been passed down from one generation to another. The first performing members of the Colombaioni family (at the time still known as Travaglia family) started in public squares as comedians at the end of Sixteen Century.
    Leris Colombaioni is the current heir and director of the family company. He lives in Rome and made his debut in 1958, aged five. Like the other Colombaioni members his artistic career has flourished internationally thanks to his ability to merge circus art with theatre techniques.
    The workshop led by Leris Colombaioni covers the classic figure of the clown, from costumes and accessories, to its history and protagonists, encompassing the classic circus tradition as a whole.
    The most traditional elements of the clown practice from an historical and technical point of view will be shown, including aspects of clowning such as gestures, music and makeup, together with clowning’s pedagogic nature.
    INFO: no specific requirement is requested. Limited number of attendees. Hours: from 2.30 to 5.30 pm. Price: 100€. Reservation required phone 0039.035.242095,
    The workshop is part of the Festival "Arcate d`arte". Soon online the complete programme.

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