Every year TTB organizes activities for kids in primary and secondary schools in collaboration with Il Trebbio di Milano, founded more than 30 years ago by Toni Comello, writer and creator of didactic performances on school topics.
«We put all our energies in this work, with no other help but the audience’s essential one. We are convinced that school is the main bulwark against the consumerist-television dictatorship and the place where the new founding values of a future civil society are built». Toni Comello.
“Le favole della realtà” are interactive performances, focused on topics that are typical to didactic programs, to which kids actively participate through the creation of simple scenes or more recreational moments.
The scholastic knowledge (“school is the place where you learn to think” said Toni Comello) meets the energy of games for kids who, with no rehearsal move spontaneously and organically in games that make sense. The student sees himself, his classmates and teachers giving life to a theatrical act based on topics they’re dealing with in class in a specific space, the multipurpose room, that becomes a stage, a playing space, a school.
The costumes and objects are purposely simple to give a fertile ground to imagination, helped by projecting images. Actors explain the games and guide the kids, and teachers are involved in a collective meeting between actors, masters and pupils.


IL PORCOSPINO GOLOSO: a homage to Eugenio Montale, by Toni Comello.

MUSICA!: from...


  • primordial sounds to the orchestra, by Toni Comello.

    ASSALTO AL CASTELLO: life in the Middle Ages, by Toni Comello.

    INTESTINO: a trip through the human body, by Toni Comello.

    MESSIEUR, CHE FIGURA!:  clown performance, by Teatro tascabile di Bergamo.

    LA DANZA CHE CREÒ IL MONDO: a performance of classical indian dance-theatre, by Teatro tascabile di Bergamo. 

«Una mia pagina
nella marea dilagante, oceanica,
di parole immagini segni
stravolti dall’insignificanza
per misera demente ripetizione,
armi tossiche in mano a bambini
che narcotizzano il tempo del pensiero,
occorre resistere,
fuori moda,
in un altro mondo
sulle barriere del silenzio e dell’immobilità,
in centri appartati, inapparenti, implosivi,
lontano dal sorriso ebete del successo.
solo da concentrazioni assolute
senza scadenze e compensi,
nascerà il metodo nuovo
di cui il mondo ha bisogno,
il logos
per reggere il nostro futuro.»
T. COMELLO, Barcellona, 2001

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