ROSSO ANGELICO. Dance for a light traveller





Year: 2014 / Director: TTB Teatro tascabile di Bergamo



Voices, voices. Listen, O my heart.
Something rustling towards you from those youthfully-dead.
What do they want?
Rainer Maria Rilke, The duino elegies

The Dance of Death is a typical feature of the past, of the European culture and especially of the area around Bergamo. TTB has not tried to reproduce it, but rather to revitalize it; they have speculated, for example, what the equivalent could be of a Danse Macabre of the last century. So they have composed a symphony of voices and noises of the twentieth century.

The show
Rosso Angelico is a hybrid performance, of theatre and dance, which combines words with music, Asian traditions with western traditions, live music with recorded music, texts by the poet Rilke with that of the great comedian Totò. The action begins with a dance of curtains in front of an arriving traveller. He passes through them to find himself in a topsy-turvy world, full of joking skeletons and dancing angels. It`s a cheerful, scary, funny and sensual world.
The traveller, while dancing, passes through one after another of the four rooms in this building which is divided by curtains: the garden of the voices of the dead, the corridors of the angels, the banquet hall and the hall for the last dance. The traveller dances with the angels, and with death. One is always different after returning from the other world. It may be that even the bottom of a tomb is a vantage point from which to watch the comings and goings of the world.
The title of the show comes from a colour nuance: 9F000F red "angelic", dark raspberry red colour of the curtains.

Duration: 1 hour approx.

The TTB thanks: Simone Capula, Mauro Danesi, Mirella Schino e Nando Taviani.

With the contribution of: Regione Lombardia - Progetto Next Laboratorio delle Idee

The video documentation of the show is by Lab 80 film.


The photos of the show are by Alessandro Brasile.

Technical sponsors: Fondazione Bergamo nella Storia, Città di Albino - Assessorato alla Cultura, Albini Group, Ristorante Da Mimmo, Leading Technologies.

Download: ROSSO ANGELICO_Artistic dossier / ROSSO ANGELICO_depliant





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