THE YORICKS. Intermezzo comico






Director: Teatro tascabile di Bergamo

“It seems that clowns exist from always. They will be existing forever. Good or bad. They will have, as they have had in the past, different names. That’s all. Any time it was necessary, they rose from the ashes. They emerged from the memories. Time has never touched them. They are eternal, like the grass on the paths as well as the wild fruits and the flowers of the mountains” Tristan Rémy

Six clowns, six skeleton-monks, gather together with angels, lions and horses to turn death into a surreal circus. “The Yoricks” begins with a shoe that falls down from nowhere, perhaps from a human sky made up of bombing planes and war sirens, or perhaps from the upper floor. It continues following the rhythm of the great gags of the circus.

It`s a circus of the soul, a mixture of melancholy, laughter, fear of death, nostalgia. It is a love statement to the legendary clowns of the past, from Foottit et Chocolat to the Fratellinis, the great Charlie Rivel and the Colombaioni  Brothers: a tribute that Teatro Tascabile pays to their history and their art.

This show is also the final act of a trilogy and of a long research into the macabre dance:  “Amor mai non s’addorme. Storie di Montecchi e Capuleti” (2009), “Rosso Angelico. Danza per un viaggiatore leggero” (2014), and now “The Yoricks” (2019).  

We intended to decline death in all its variants: tragic, dramatic and comical. This is probably because the spirit of the time declares that theatre today is a residual phenomenon. Celebrating its glory from the afterlife - and now returning to theatre starting from the laughter, which is its zero degree - represented for us a denunciation, and a provocation.

At the end of the show, the sweaty faces of the actors reappear behind the skulls so cheerfully smiling: in flesh and blood, as they really are. And in these faces probably lies the sense of a show that begins with the announcement of having no meaning and no history

Technical sponsor: Nuova Emme Rota di Filisetti s.n.c.

With the contribution of: Next Laboratorio delle Idee / Regione Lombardia

Download: The Yoricks _ Artistic Dossier



«Children laugh and adults laugh as well, amazed at seeing an incredible little "brotherhood" of Capuchin friars, under the hood the sneering skull.» La Rocca (Italy)

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