THE YORICKS. Intermezzo comico





Year: 2019 / Director: TTB Teatro tascabile di Bergamo

“It seems that clowns exist from always. They will be existing forever. Good or bad. They will have, as they have had in the past, different names. That’s all. Any time it was necessary, they rose from the ashes. They emerged from the memories. Time has never touched them. They are eternal, like the grass on the paths as well as the wild fruits and the flowers of the mountains” Tristan Rémy

In the twentieth-century scene there are two myths universally recognized: on one hand the actor of the Commedia dell`Arte and on the other the myth of the Oriental Theatres. Alongside, no doubt, there is also a place for the Clown, who has entered the collective imagination to represent the tragicomic truth of the contemporary man.

For Teatro Tascabile, the work on the clown is a sort of karst river, a theme that periodically returns and assert itself, almost like a statement of their origin as well as a pride of belonging.
The show, conceived as a surreal circus of the soul, is dedicated to the legendary clowns of the past, from Foottit et Chocolat to Fratellini, the valuable Charlie Rivel, Fratelli Colombaioni (the popular clowns in Fellini`s movies).

Hence the new creation is a show on the “degree zero” of the theatre, i.e.  the laugh. Alongside,  even though in its comic version, a sprinkle of fear of death.
As a matter of fact, The Yoricks is the latest in a trilogy resulting from a research into mural paintings dedicated to Dance Macabre, widespread in Europe, but particularly developed in the Bergamo area. Six skeleton-monks, together with angels, horses and lions, leave the canvases of the painters to transform death into an absurd circus.

A warning: the show has no text, no logic, no coherence, no plot, no author, no rules...

Actors: Alessia Baldassari, Giuseppe Chierichetti, Antonietta Fusco, Ruben Manenti, Alessandro Rigoletti, Caterina Scotti, Maurizio Stefania
Artistic coordinator: Tiziana Barbiero
Lights: Lorenzo Bucci
Sound: Fabio Vignaroli
Music Advisor: Maurizio Stefania, Osvaldo Airoldi – Officine Schwartz  
Advisor to props: Luì Angelini e Paola Serafini - La Voce delle Cose
Organization: Elena Donda, Giada Martinelli, Emanuela Presciani
TTB thanks Simone Capula, Luigia Calcaterra and Mirella Schino for their help and support  
Shooting and photos of the show are by Alberto Valtellina.

Technical sponsor: Nuova Emme Rota di Filisetti s.n.c.

With the contribution of: Next Laboratorio delle Idee / Regione Lombardia

Download: TheYoricks_artisticschedule



«Children laugh and adults laugh as well, amazed at seeing an incredible little "brotherhood" of Capuchin friars, under the hood the sneering skull.» La Rocca (Italy)

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