Collective Mind



Since 2011 TTB is a ONLUS social cooperative whose aim is to pursue the community’s interest for human promotion and for...


  • the citizens’ social integration. Theatrical craftsmanship, and the necessary training for it, is based on a role distinction type of collaboration (different duties and specializations) and not on the sectorialization of the jobs,  implying values and rules that aim to the creation of a “collective mind”.Live performances, especially outdoor, have been experimented for a long time not only as an artistic product, but  also as a way to revitalize the relationship between groups and individuals, in situations of difficult social interaction, outcasting, handicap, linguistic, ethnic or religious differences, etc.


Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo’s peculiarity is to be a “group theatre”. Our work is based on the interaction of...


  • each member, as in renaissance art workshops: not a “company”, but a group of people cooperating in a continuative daily effort to not just produce a play, but also to work on what’s behind the play, realizing specific and autonomous creative processes not to obtain an immediate result, but to give a parallel and continuous cultural elaboration.After founder and director Renzo Vescovi’s passing in 2005, TTB moved towards collective directing, continuing the production of indoor and outdoor performances and organizing cultural initiatives in cooperation with local  organizations, both national and international.
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