The field of research of TTB covers different and apparently distant aspects of the stage culture: from outdoor theatre, to eastern stage arts (TTB is one of the major experts in the west), to contemporary  dramaturgy. Alongside the production of performances, we have a regular activity of theatrical pedagogy for young people interested in the art of acting and for cultural operators interested in (in)formation in the field of theatre and stage arts in general.
This cultural synthesis process allows TTB to promote theatre out of the usual places, both physical and mental: a theatre open to the public, that goes in the streets, discovering squares and forgotten corners, around different neighborhoods and suburbs, seeking comfort with a vast and mixed audience, with a different socio-cultural profile. On the other hand, we constantly need to get in the lab and elaborate on our research and creating a necessary self-learning process.

«What goes under the name of theatre in the world is the misrepresentation of a word once full of meaning»
P. BROOK, Il teatro e il suo spazio, Milano 1968

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