The research strand that TTB develops since its foundation (to conceive theatre as the “actor’s centrality”) makes the pedagogical side the biggest part of our professional world.
Completing the self learning processes inner to the structure of the Group, the pedagogy work for the audience and schools (teachers, junior high, high school, universities) is also carried out by organizing retrospectives (“Il Teatro Vivo” and “Per Amore o per Forza”) and by the IXO – Istituto di Cultura Scenica Orientale activities, whose aim is to put in contact qualified personalities of the theatrical culture with various groups of users: real producers, non-specialized ones and the young audience.
TTB’s work methodology is as theoretical as technical, and participants learn about the topics discussed through conferences, laboratories, lectures cum demonstration and specifically selected performances.

«[…] Because you see, this I show a Kathakali actor is made: ¼ comes from the master, ¼ from the classmates, ¼ from himself and the last quarter from the flowing of life»

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